Perhaps a bit of struggling doesn’t hurt after all!

Posted on April 4, 2011


I can honestly say that I am guilty of the “instant manifestation syndrome”.  In business and in other areas of my life, sometimes when I want something,  I want it as in yesterday – forgetting that in everything there is always a process that needs to be followed.  The following story is a reminder of life being a process:

“A man once found a butterfly cocoon.  One day, as he sat watching the cocoon, a tiny opening appeared.  After what seemed like ages, the butterfly slowly, slowly struggled to make its way through the small opening, until it reached a point where it stopped, as if it could go no further.  The man, thinking he was doing the butterfly a favour, decided to help it along by snipping open the remainder of the cocoon with a pair of scissors.

The butterfly emerged easily, but had a swollen body and shriveled wings.  The man watched, expecting any minute that the butterfly’s wings would expand and that it would fly.  The butterfly never did fly and spent the rest of its life crawling.

What the man in his haste and kindness did not realise, is that the struggle of the butterfly through the opening of the cocoon was necessary,  so that the fluid from the body could be forced into the wings, so that it could fly once this was achieved.”

We need to go through struggles and obstacles in our lives, as without them we will not become strong enough to fly.

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